USB Webcams
HD video quality experience, suitable for daily distance learning and video office
The pixels of usb webcams are mainly 4K, 2K and 1080P. Their frame rates include 30FPS, 60FPS, eliminating the traditional camera and experiencing a more novel and realistic extreme video effect. You can efficiently solve video conferencing, online teaching, live streaming, online training and other scenarios application solutions.
Conference Cameras
The functions of the conference camera will be applicable to more formal application scenarios. There fore the conference camera is an important part of the audio and video conference terminal system.
The conference camera can perform 3x/12x/20x/30x lossless optical zoom to achieve flexible switching of panoramic images and close-up images. The professional features of conference cameras also include image intelligent adjustment, AI human tracking, intelligent gimbal, automatic focus, etc.
Speakerphones are highly sensitive, capable of full-duplex technology and echo-cancelling noise reduction to deliver high quality sound. As an external microphone and speaker device for your computer, it is excellent and convenient.
Speakerphones has a long-range volume pickup range and also supports amplification function. Full duplex technology, audio 3A algorithm, 360 degree pickup, intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation, etc. can provide a high quality call experience for use.
Compatible with more protocols. Realize the operation of multiple PTZ cameras. Experience more functional scenario applications.
Joystick Controllers
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