Products of Anywii mainly focus on video transmission and long-distance communication and recording between people. And they can always be used in a variety of live scenarios, including corporate meetings, online classes, remote medical consultations and so on. Keeping up with the times, we like to make communication closer and more convenient in daily life and work in today's gradually maturing cloud era, and record a little more.
Professionally built audio and video conference rooms. Not only quickly initiating and conducting video conferences, you can enable that the online meetings are held efficiently.
Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Quickly build live scenes, present high-definition video effect, realize the perfect interactive experience.
Live Streaming
Live Streaming
Global epidemic affects schools in some areas where online transmission is already common
Easy to use, share knowledge and listen more attentively.
Reduce business operating costs and provide a better audio and video experience
Company Training Online
Company Training Online
Better Video conferencing, Better collaboration
In order to enhance the video picture effect, the conference cameras supporting the conference terminal use professional-grade HD conference machines. They can achieve realistic picture presentation of personnel expression and environment, so that remote meetings have the effect of face-to-face communication. When building a video conference, you need to have a stable and secure network, reliable meeting quality, formal meeting environment and other conditions. At the same time, you also need to use professional video conferencing equipment. Therefore, it can greatly improve our communicati
Maintain stable HD clarity
Multi-fold zoom lens screen switching
Auto-focus to lock the conference presenter
Support pickup and amplification microphone to cope with large meetings
Joystick controllers can control the PTZ camera, zoom parameters and other settings
Easilier To Share Knowledge When Teaching Online
Breaking the limitations of traditional teaching in time and space, online teaching is conducive to the promotion of research-based learning, easy operation of equipment, and the use of interactive features of online teaching to promote the communication between teachers and students.
Auto-focus to maintain picture clarity
Simultaneous recording and live transmission
Plug-and-play for efficient classes
Multi-directional video interaction display
Speed and reliability of network transmission
Live Streaming
Live streaming with products is now becoming popular, and choosing a streaming camera can improve the visual experience of real-time interaction. You can quickly build live scenes, make live products more attention, present high-definition video effects, and achieve the perfect interactive experience.
4K Ultra HD resolution improves visual experience
Intelligent adjustment of the screen to ensure high reproduction
High frame rate ensures viewing experience and interaction
Keyboard controller to adjust the view angle, zoom parameters and other settings
Multi-interface protocol to make transmission more smooth and efficient
Training Online With Low Cost and More Efficient
Training online has broken the traditional training model, and the training is not affected by time and location, which reduces the operating costs of enterprises. With the further development of China's Internet and Chinese economy, remote training will become more popular and promote the development of the entire domestic human resources information industry.
Maintain stable HD clarity
Close up of the multi-fold zoom lens screen
Intelligent adjustment of the screen to ensure high reproduction
AI tracking focus, automatic focus screen
Excellent interoperability and compatibility
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