Professional System of R&D Team
10 million
15 Years
Anywii has 130+ employees, of which 60% are technical development and support staff, and a technical team with 15 years of experience in R&D. With an annual investment of over 1000W in R&D, Anywii insists on being technology value-added oriented, constantly overcoming technical problems and providing strong technical support for customers.
Annual R&D investment
Innovation in the audio and video industry
R&D team members
Professional customization service
Our R&D
We take the market as the guide for innovation, for the user experience, to create the latest product features, more comfortable product use feeling.
The Structure of Our R&D Team
We provide design ideas and solutions based on product planning and customer needs. Based on the results of the review, we will optimize and improve the design to achieve a competitive product appearance.
We have 12 years of experience in hardware design. We develop products according to the needs of customer, design circuit boards that meet the product's functional and performance requirements, and complete system installation.
Our team is familiar with all the sensors in the market, focusing on image effect debugging. According to various complex scenes for professional testing and optimization, to ensure the best product imaging results, including sharpness, exposure, sharpness, noise, white balance, color reproduction and other debugging.
According to the product specifications, functions, appearance and customer needs, etc., we prepare a structural design plan and carry out the internal structure design of the product to ensure a more precise and stable product structure.
With 15 years of hands-on experience in R&D, we are responsible for product software development and maintenance of mass production projects. We test products according to their functional requirements, test the stability of software, analyze and evaluate possible problems, and take on the role of quality management.
Tao Jin
Zihua Deng
Hui Huang
Guanhua Liu
Technical Architecture Engineer
Head of Hardware
IQ Image Effect
Debugging Engineer
Software Manager
500 R&D team management experience 24 years of audio and video R&D experience
12 years of hardware design experience, good at image, wireless transmission, audio interference
9 years of camera image effect debugging Familiar with all sensors in the market
11 years of software team management experience, rich IOS software development experience
Equipment of R&D
Electrostatic Discharge Interference Test Machine/ Audio Effect Test Machine/ Wireless Connection Test Machine/ Oscilloscope/ Spectrum Analyzer
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