Shift Your Life
20 Million
15 Years
Quality Management System
Annual R&D Investment
Professional Customization Service
Innovation in the Audio and Video Industry
USB Webcams
Conference Cameras
Joystick Controllers
Experience the multi-functional integrated webcams for pc, and easily to video calling. Get the clearer picture you need, and gain the wonderful you want.
Greater range of volume pickup, high
quality voice call device.
Realize the operation of multiple PTZ cameras.
Committed to be a professional video conferencing cameras manufacturer. Produce more comprehensive and professional cameras for people.
Hot Products
Simplicity & Integrated All-in-one Webcams
The webcam is integrated with the speaker, microphones and ultra-clear lens to meet different application scenarios.
Innovation & Product Vitality
Practical Patent
Software Development
We are committed to providing our customers with competitive product appearance modules. Our products have won the International IF Award and Red Dot Award.
Oriented by the value-added technology, we constantly conquer the product technology difficult problems and create new functions of products.
We can independently produce test technology tools and software development design. And we have independent development completed application software, which is protected by law.

Market + R&D + Factory = Anywii

Anywii has a complete system of research and development team, from product concept to finished product to delivery. We control the whole process and complete it independently. As a professional supplier of video transmission, sales one-to-one service, to create value for the development of customers.
We focus on product design, R & D innovation, quality delivery, customer demand-oriented. Anywii provides better products and services, to explore the infinite possibilities, and based on the technology products industry.

We have a complete R&D system with over 15 years of industry experience. Dedicated to the research and development and production of practical, high-quality audio and video products.Every year, Anywii releases more than 10 new patented products. Quality is the foundation of our company, and we have our own ISO9001 international quality management system factory.
The factory develops specialized production processes and 100% product quality testing, in order to guarantee the quality and quantity of deliveries.
Pay attention to the details of use. Care more about user experience
Audio Sound Quality Debugging
Image Quality Debugging
Identify the audio effect of the product, audio testing and judging, including noise, echo, audio interference, pickup distance, frequency response professional debugging, etc.
Our team is familiar with all sensors on the market and focuses on image quality debugging.
Debugging staff will be based on a variety of complex scenarios for professional testing and optimization to ensure the best product imaging effect.
The factory is located in Hengli Industrial Park, Longgang, Shenzhen, with a production area of 5000㎡, including 6 SMT lines, 6 assembly lines and 2 packaging lines.
The factory strictly follows ISO9001 quality management system standard from IQC incoming material inspection to finished product testing and warehousing.
100% Quality Control
Management System
Advanced production
and R&D facilities
High production capacity
Quality and quantity delivery
Multiple Products Industry Applications
Professionally built audio and video conference rooms. Not only quickly initiating and conducting video conferences, you can enable that the online meetings are held efficiently.
Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Quickly build live scenes, present high-definition video effect, realize the perfect interactive experience.
Live Streaming
Live Streaming
Global epidemic affects schools in some areas where online transmission is already common
Easy to use, share knowledge and listen more attentively.
Reduce business operating costs and provide a better audio and video experience
Company Training
Company Training
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