What are the components of a complete video conferencing system?


What are the components of a complete video conferencing system?

Those who do not know certainly do not know, today I will introduce the composition of the video conferencing system structure it.

To break it down, it is actually very simple, the composition of the video conference consists of four main components: video conference server, video conference audio system, video conference display system, video conference video system.

Video conferencing server, as the name suggests, is responsible for audio and video and data coding, decoding, conversion and transmission. Traditional video conferencing is mainly video conferencing hardware instead, but this equipment is very expensive and is a heavy burden for small businesses.

With the continuous evolution of audio and video technology, there are many video conferencing servers on the market. Self-built video conferencing means that the video conferencing system is about to be deployed to the company's intranet, but is a way of meeting over the Internet.

Enterprises in the purchase of video conferencing, if not self-built video conferencing is not at all need to buy video conferencing server, this model is widely recognized and praised by the majority of enterprises, but also become the first choice of corporate video conferencing today.


Video conference audio system, refers to the system used for input and output sound, generally refers to microphones, speakers, mixers and audio, etc. Small conference rooms only need to match a 360-degree omnidirectional microphone (sometimes called speakerphone), placed in the middle of the table on the line, medium and large conference rooms, please match the specific environment of the conference room with multiple microphones and sound systems, etc.

Video conference display system, generally refers to TV sets, projectors and large splicing screens, etc., used to display local and remote participants' video and documents and other data sharing content. Video conferencing video system, that is, video conferencing camera, used to collect the video of the local participants and pass it to the remote viewing, generally small conference rooms will choose the standard 1080P fixed-focus camera, medium and large conference rooms will be paired with multiple display systems, such as multiple displays or splicing screen.

The composition of the video conferencing system is basically composed of these four parts.

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