3 step, master the daily use and maintenance of the conference camera by yourself


3 step, master the daily use and maintenance of the conference camera by yourself

With the continuous development of video conferencing, online video conferencing has gradually replaced on-site office meetings, the main reason is that video conferencing is not restricted by time and location, can be organized at any time and anywhere to hold meetings, simple and fast operation, save travel costs, and significantly improve work efficiency.

At the same time, the application of video conferencing is becoming more and more widespread, and the maintenance work in daily use is particularly important. The quality of daily management and maintenance of equipment is directly related to whether the video conferencing equipment can maintain good working condition and performance for a long time, after reading this article, you can minimize the failure rate of equipment, reduce the time of downtime repair, and greatly improve the service life of equipment, work performance and safety performance. Here we will learn about the daily use and maintenance methods of the conference camera.


Step 1, professional custody

Equipment security issues unit of video conferencing equipment is usually placed in designated conference rooms, but some conference rooms have low utilization rates, often the conference room is empty, so it is best to designate personnel responsible for custody, daily diligent inspection of equipment to ensure the integrity of the conference camera, security.

Step 2, the correct use of operation

Daily use precautions online before the start of the meeting, you should adjust the lens placement in advance, set the preset position of the lens, the lens should not be placed in the place of backlight. During the meeting, try not to walk back and forth in front of the lens, do not often shake the control lens rotation.

If there is a sudden disconnection, do not immediately use the remote control to call other venues, you should contact the operator of the main venue in time and wait for the operation of the main venue.

Do not connect the PC to the device for the venue that does not need to send double stream.

After each use, disconnect the power promptly after shutting down, if the power is not kept on, the equipment is in the energized state. After each use is completed, you need to cover the camera's lens protection cover. This has a great extent to extend the life of the conference camera.

Step 3, remember the 5 things not to do

Daily maintenance precautions video conferencing equipment should be placed in a fixed location, try to avoid moving and plugging wiring. The system settings of the equipment has been adjusted, should not be changed. When meeting should try to avoid the use of remote camera control. Remember the following 5 things not to do, your conference camera will be well protected.

1. Not to plug and unplug any connection cable with electricity.

2. Not clean and maintain the equipment with electricity.

3. Not to turn the lens by hand.

4. Not to vibrate and squeeze the equipment, especially the camera lens.

5. Disassembly of equipment is strictly prohibited.

6. Keep away from smoke and fire, exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited.

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